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Hi, welcome to the Total Reuse website. We are a social enterprise based in the North West of England but happy to travel anywhere where we can meet like minded people who want to make a difference.

Our aim is to divert reusable items from landfill by finding them a new home or remanufacturing them into something completely different. You can find out more about the different projects by clicking on the departments link above.

To see some of the work we have done, click on the 'projects' button above and then 'completed projects' or to find out what's in progress take a look at 'current projects'.

You'll find all the policies and procedure documents etc.  in the 'official stuff' link, and clicking the side logo's will take you to the websites of the people we support, work with, or just like.

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No Fire Label, No Problem

Monday, 10 November 2014

If you discover that your sofa has no fire label, think twice before consigning it to the  tip. Why not have it re-covered and prolong its life cycle?

Single Bedroom Set

Following the success of our bedroom furniture giveaway earlier this year we are pleased to announce that we have some more available.